Yes Hallo China

Dear China
It was said that John Lennon met his waif Yoko when he visited an exhibition in London on November 9, 1966 the Ono work which Lennon saw at the exhibition that awakened him to her was “Ceiling Painting,” described as follows: “The viewer is invited to climb a white ladder, where at the top a magnifying glass, attached by a chain, hangs from a frame on the ceiling. The viewer uses the reading glass to discover a block letter “instruction” beneath the framed sheet of glass  –  it says “Y E S.”  and Yoko was the one helping him to climb the white ladder.

This is in simple words what happened to me in china and in expo 2010.

SO YES, china’s – Shanghais Expo 2010 awakened the world and me.
And YES China is my HOME.

About braies

Im a project manager for construction , I have an international Experience in 3 projects . I believe the saying " if you want to be the beast go with the beast ".
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