Thank you China

One of the things that  I like to do is playing with towes , don’t get me Rong im not talking about the old towes ” althow I wish I can go back to the old days ” im talking about the new staff , the electronic things .

it’s so amazing , as an example the Xbox the level of the graphics that you see in the games is over what I have dreamed in the old days , yes in the old days we had something electronic called super nintendo entertainment system (SNES) with its big and expansive tapes and the hands that allows break .

in other hand the computers , I remember I read a in one issue of the PC magazine an ad saying its offering the top technology for 386 PC for 4000 USD . today you can get a supper computer ” the old days standard ” with no more than 1400 USD .

but what happen , and How it happened ?!.

Firest we have to say thanks to China , and yes its a must that we say thanks .

yes I know you will say will they copied and gave it to the world for cheaper cost! yes it is one factor but not the howl picture .

the picture is very simple , in manufacturing there is what you call KNOW HOW , KNOW WAY . China got the KNOW HOW and gave it to the world . and you can see this go to any computer shop and you can find old people and yang people talking the same languish and they know how to dismantle or open a PC .

but the KNOW WAY ,lets say it’s under process.


Bandar Raies

About braies

Im a project manager for construction , I have an international Experience in 3 projects . I believe the saying " if you want to be the beast go with the beast ".
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