Prince of the city monitors the movements of officials in the region PAL GPS “Translation”


Surprised by His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz bin Majed bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Madinah region, and Chairman of the pilgrimage in the city, members of the Hajj Committee the adoption of the PC and connect the Tablet iPad i-pad and means of communication is synonymous with the members of the Hajj Committee, to be a way to hold emergency meetings , video and audio, reporting problems as they occur, to participate in finding solutions to the urgent, and transmit daily reports and circulated letters.

The importance of the Tablet in the work of the Hajj Committee in GPS technology to locate a member of the Committee in the field, during the performance of their service the pilgrims, and the need to intervene in some crises, Kmcclat reception and departure, overcrowding of passengers in airport lounges, bus stations, the pilgrims, as well as facilitating the movements of members of the Committee of Hajj pilgrims in the catchment areas and to locate homes.

This comes within the vision of Prince of the city to harness technology in the areas of work in the emirate and the region and the actions of Hajj, and strengthen the staff to hold sessions of intensive training, and devoted to the District Council 38 device to connect-mail between members of the Council with regard to development projects, mechanisms and programs of the Council and its various commissions.

Indicated that the devices were distributed to the members of the Hajj Committee is 37 GTX, working on two ranges; the third generation, and broadcast wireless (wi-fi).


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