1 2 3 Project Management “1”

From the past project that I was luck to be part of and working with windfall people and great Engineers and Nun Engineers it allows goes with the same Process.

The project that I was lucky to work with was considered at it time a top notch projects, in addition I was fortunate to work international al Project, Like I worked for 6 month in Syria, 2 years in Cairo – Egypt, 2 years in china, plus the other project that I was part of.

I’m planning to write series of articles in English and Arabic and I will put them for every one to see, my goal is very simple I want every one to see and understand our work and in a very simple way, I will not go technical or show very complicated diagrams.

First what is Project Management?

Project management is the art of controlling the time with cost and quality that meets the client satisfaction.

In the above most of the books ignore the client satisfaction or approval but hay ITS HIS PROJECT.

*  Tip:

From experience and truest me in this we have a Golden Roul that every one has to know:


So to make project management essay for every one I will tell you something every thing in this life can be considered as a project, as an example if you want to make a move you will called project, if you want to create an IT system you will call it Project, the permit is a project it’s a 25 years project.

So at First a quick review of the project management process groups, they consist of:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling.
  • Closing


And by this I will close for today.



About braies

Im a project manager for construction , I have an international Experience in 3 projects . I believe the saying " if you want to be the beast go with the beast ".
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